When you buy a new computer from us, we have a process that we follow to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.  We don't drop off a cardboard box full of parts and wish you a good day.  We deliver, install, and configure your computer and make sure you are happy with it before we leave.  We realize that your time is valuable so we minimize our time on site.  If we are doing our jobs right, you will barely notice you have a new computer, besides the obvious performance improvement you get with a hardware refresh.  And of course, we give you personalized support long after the sale.


Assessment. We talk to you about your specific needs and examine your existing systems.


Configuration. We order precisely what you need from our vendor.


Delivery Prep. We patch the hardware and software and run through our proprietary hardening process.


Delivery.  We bring your new machine to you, copy your files over, reinstall any apps you need, and make sure everything is working the way you like it before we leave.


Post Delivery. If you have any problems or questions, help is just a phone call away.