IT Consulting and Services

The primary work for our clients is to assist them to manage, secure, and improve their business IT systems. We work with our clients in whatever manner works best for their organization and their internal IT skills set. For some clients, we are the IT support and act as the firm’s systems administrator. For other clients, we plug in less frequently when in house staff finds they need us to supplement their skills, or to supplement staff resources.

The essence of our support is that we plug into your organization in whatever manner works. We coordinate with management, staff, and outside vendors whatever way works best. We also work to transfer as many tasks to in house staff as makes sense.

Lloyd Hayne & Associates is transparent in our work. We always let management know what we are doing and why. We document in detail all work done. We also thoroughly document your IT systems so that your business operations are never dependent on the availability a particular technician.

This is where you can place additional information on key points about the position, keeping things shorter if possible.

As a part of contract IT support, some of our clients allow their employees to contact us directly to help with various issues. We use a variety of secure remote access tools to quickly join an employee’s work session and advise them how to resolve a problem or accomplish a particular task.

Systems maintenance

Lloyd Hayne & Associates offers our clients fixed price periodic maintenance of workstations and servers. Our maintenance demonstrably reduces unexpected system crashes, extends the life of your equipment, and identifies and remediates security threats resulting from out of date software (e.g. Java, or Adobe Reader). Our service maintenance does the same but also confirms that your backup systems are truly operational with test data restores of key files.